terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2008

Falar é sempre melhor que gesticular

Não tentem traduzir a piada porque não dá.
Leiam em inglês mesmo.
Não sabe inglês? Clica aqui então e aprenda já!

Because of the distance between them, the chief of the surveying crew was using hand signals to communicate with his newly hired female crew member.
He pointed to his eye, then to his knee and finally pumped his fist up and down in front of him.
Seeing that, the woman signaled back by touching her eye, grabbing her left breast and pointing to her crotch.
Thoroughly confused, the chief approached and said, "Didn´t you understand? Eye kneed the hammer."
"I understood," the pretty survey tech replied.
"Eye left tit in the box"

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